One God – One Message – One Way

The family unit is an important component of Islaam, and all elements of a family are given due significance – from parents to children to spouses to kith and kin. Family is the building block and the back bone for an Islaamic society. Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) told us, the best among you is the one who is best with his/her family. Let’s join hand in hand to make our families likeness of the families of the Salaf.   

What is the Invitation of Islaam?

“From the slavery of man to the slavery of the Lord of man.
From the unjust nature of “religions” to the justice of Islaam.
From the tight confinement of this world to the vast expansion of the hereafter.”

73 thoughts on “One God – One Message – One Way

  1. This is the new look of my site, that’s why the previous comments are no longer here. I’m really sorry for this. May Allaah reward you all (Muslims).

    • In trying to learn more about Isalm I joined this site on Facebook.Please explain where in the Chrisitan bible it says or even mentions Muhammad as your as your #2 statement adresses.I am honestly trying to better understand your religigon and fail to hear any Muslim leasdereship ever speak out against all the violence attributed to Islam from those few men and women around the world murdering others who Islam calls infedels? How is yours a relgion of peace?

      • There are so many places where in the Bible its mentioned that a man by the name of Muhammad is going to come in future. To know in detail, read this. You must understand this we Muslims don’t believe that Bible is the word of Allaah (God), but it may contain some remnants of the Injeel and Tawrah but as a whole, its was altered and manipulated. And even though it is altered, there are some remnants which speak out and profess truth like the prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad and call to worship one unseen non-human Allaah, who was not a human being ever. We Muslims condemn all kinds of terrorist acts where innocent Muslims or non-Muslims are killed, but media does not show that. If you want the verdicts of the scholars of Islaam (not just orators of Islaam), we can send you. We invite you to Islaam as a way of Islaam.

  2. Salaams, my only concern is about the title of the website.
    When I first saw it on FB, I thought it was against Islam (God forbid) as it said Click2 ‘no-Islam’ maybe it uss shortform for know, but it can be easily misinterpreted. My suggestion wouldbe to make it click2know.
    Jazakallah, May Allah accept your efforts.

    • Wa’alaykum As’salaam …

      I’ve intentionally named it Click2No because this is actually a Da’wah Site but I also post Islaah topics too. I named it so, because People (non-Muslims) search stuff against Islaam and they search these types of names like NoIslam and on… So when they search, my Site will Inshaa’Allaah be the leading.

      Hope you’re convinced!


    May Allah bless you for your efforts to Spread Islam.(ameen)
    May Allah reward you all.(ameen)
    Good Luck.

  4. as’salamu alaikum……

    whre is that topic abt visitin gravez n similar to hinduism…..
    reply fast on orkut n fb too…..i need itt dt really soon…..i cnt find dt topic hre…plzzzz

  5. Really good blog. Can you visit my Islamic blog.

    Comment and give advice on how to make it better.
    tell all you know about my blog.

    Jazallahkhair;Thank you

  6. Assalaam ‘alaykum…..May ALLAAH grant you Ikhlass in your actions and make them comply with the Share’aah and remove from your deeds any act of Shirk, minor or Major(Aameen)

    I would like to ask if Eedie of Deenshow or Wajdi Akkari is involved in this page. BarakaLLOHU fih

  7. As-Salamu Alykum brother.I want to ask how you added IOU,Quran ,Youtube, and find us on facebook options on your blog ,on the right side.Please help me i am unable to add facebooK,youtube and links of other sites which i want.

    Jazak Allah khayr..

    • Wa ‘alaykum As-salaam sister.

      This is very simple, follow what I say:

      1. Click “Appeareance” on the left bottom of sidebar,
      2. Among the available Widgets, Click “Image” widget,
      3. Drag this widget to the right “sidebar” where there are your other widgets,
      4. Give “Widget title” [it will be the title of your tab] – give “Image URL” [it will be the image that will be displayed of that tab]
      (Alternate text, Image title, Caption) are optional. Also give “height and width” as per your need. At last give “Link URL” and give here the URL of fb page or any other site, when you click you will be directed to that page.

      If you want another site to display on your blog, drag another “Image” widget and the same with that.

      I hope my sister is happy now inshaa-allaah!

      • In sha ALLAH JazaK Allah khayr … Kindly tell me which URL for image should i use because i copy and pasted the URL for image like we search on google and copy that url.It didnt worked.So from where URL for image should i use?

        JazaK Allah khayr brother

        • Look sister. You need to copy and paste google image URL.
          But you cannot copy any URL of image, I mean first select the image, then on the right hand side you will see that there is a tab “full size image”. you click that link and then copy URL of that clicked image. For example: the URL of an image of ISLAM is
          So you copy and paste this URL to IMAGE URL of widget. Ok sister?

  8. I have joined this site to know more about islam..!! may allah guide us alla nd may allah give the reward for this good job done by the administrator of this site..!!

  9. I am a Christian who is so grateful to be learning more truths about Muslim teachings on this site. I and my Christian friends and family members also pray for a return to the family values you prescribe in this post. I am so very grateful. Such a post is so very much needed on Earth today!

    • To bring it back, we need to work individually by ourselves within our families. We need to teach the religion of Allaah to our kids so that when they are in teen age, they know what is their purpose of life. But first we need to make our mind very clear about all this because not everything we believe and everything we hear and see is always true. If our stand is clear, our children will be the leaders of nation as they are the society and next gen. Sister do you believe in Trinity and divinity of Prophet Jesus (may peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)?

  10. As’salamu alaikum….

    Dnsh u all r doing gr8 work as usual…May Allah bless u all…

    Jazakallah Khairan … :)

    • 1. Don’t say the word “Holy” with Qur’aan because its the habit of other “religions.”
      2. Its not Namaz, its Salaah.

      Alhamdulillaah. No brother a Muslim is told to establish salaah as was established by the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) without making any slight different from him as mentioned in the Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree: “Establish Salaah as you see me establishing Salaah”. Also, Arabic is the universal language of Muslims who believe in Qur’aan and Saheeh Ahaadeeth. Further, the translations are not the word of Allaah, its the Arabic Qur’aan which is the word of Allaah therefore translations can contain errors and cannot be attributed to Allaah, the Most High. Also, if every Muslim starts to recite translations of Qur’aan, then there will arise a big problem of communication when Imaam will recite English translation and the people behind him know Urdu and so on. So for Muslim better is to stick to the Qur’aan and the Saheeh Ahaadeeth as was taught and practiced by the pious 3 generations.

      May Allaah protect all of us from disbelief!

    • As far as reminding yourself of the translation of the Qur’aan, it is allowed but you should not stay with it rather you should study the Arabic Grammar so that you can just hear and understand Qur’aan directly. For more visit IslamQA and Alifta

  11. Awesome post but your website design is not Islamic you shuold move to Islamicc Blogger which contains Beautiful Ismiac themes

  12. Thans for sharing , I think the the web contents if much powerfull to read. Hope another moeslem will read this post . I am from indonesia and some time i come visit to this site to look a new info.

  13. Peace be with you,i am a Christian,im am sorry about our brothers in Gaza Strip,if Islam is a religion of peace then may i hope terorists will understand that and change their ways..

    • Real terrorists are the forces who are invading and bombarding the Muslim lands, I know they won’t understand. When you capture a person’s home, what response do you expect from him? Will he greet you or kill you? “When victim refuse to be victim, they are called terrorist.” [Arundati Roy] Terrorists won’t understand, although the Islaamic scholars always speak against these so-called Muslims who engage in making sleeper cells, still media portrays them as exemplary Muslims. We have terrorists from all communities, if Hitler killed 6 million Jews, does that make all Jews terrorists just based upon one man?

  14. true,but the they make all look bad and islam too,cause they must endure and repay bad with goodnot reposte,we have christians who fight back brother but the radical islamists are ruining your religion s face

    • Look, there are bad people in every community, the fact that you find media speaking more about Muslim terrorists than other religion’s is because Muslim lands are attacked. If Israel and US will stop attacking and invading Muslim countries, these terrorists will not come into existence at the first place. It is Israel and US who is killing Muslims in wholesale and at least 80 mosques are destroyed in Gaza till now and more than 1300 innocent people killed till now, what do you expect after that? When you capture someone’s home, he is surely going to call someone to help him against you whether that helper will be good or bad. When Hitler could not make Christianity bad after killing 6 million Jews, then how is alQaeda and Hamas able to destroy the image of Islaam? How many people have Hamas killed from the Israel? It is not these radicals who are destroying the image of Islaam (their harm is negligible because they have no media source), it is the West who is destroying the image of Islaam in ABC, CNN and BBC after attacking the Muslim lands. And when they recieve a baby backlash, they portray as though Israel is oppressed.

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