Biggest Lie Ever: Women are like Men!

Among the lies that are told to women by the media, one among them is ‘women are like men‘. But wait a second… do women really need to be like men? Can I say ‘Cow is like Bull’ or is there any need for Cow to become like that of Bull? Honestly NOT! It is just a media gimmick and we this a lot gaming contests between boys and girls at local level not in global because they know it will not work, all of this just to make women think that they are inferior than men therefore they should wear, walk, think, talk etc… in order to come to the same level that of men.

So its clear from the above that there is no need actually to make women inferior by comparing them to men and you can read more about in our previous article, “Upcoming genders and sexes”. This wind has so gathered so much power nowadays that at many places of the world women are asking for the right to perform morning walk and evening walk like men bare chested. Truth of the matter is they are given this right but not a single women was seen in this condition in any place of the world, can I ask to them, why?

 When we turn on to the science, we see that scientifically it is madness to say that ‘women are like men’. From the difference of their words ‘WOman‘ – ‘man’ to the vast difference from the scientifically, biologically, psychologically, mentally, physically, it becomes clear to the sane people that this is not reality to say ‘women are like men’ and they should not be likeness of each other because its their difference which makes them attracted to each other!

When it comes to women’s emotions and the days of their menstrual cycles & Estrogen, what we come to know is that she is unlike men. Read this: Women’s Emotions

When it comes to the perspective of religion, Qur’aan has stated that every man and women are similar in the sight of Allaah regarding the reward and punishment on the judgement day but in this world women have their own role which men cannot perform and men have their own. 

Women must understand that behind the curtain of making them like of men, they are taking advantage of women’s bodies and we see this in TV in every ad is women even though women may not be using that product. It is nothing but ‘Slow Molesting’ and most of the women are caught in their web!

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