How to avoid Fake Calls? – For Sisters

There are a number of Muslim and Non-Muslim Sisters who are very sad and worried for getting calls from strangers. This can lead to big troubles like physiological and mental stress … Usually the person who is making this call are the men (Muslim/Non) and they have one demand, ‘Meet me somewhere”, “Talk to me”, “I love you” and so on… Some sisters choose to cut these calls in order to avoid the stranger making these calls, some sisters once they recognise the number, they save it and then don’t pick up but later-on that stranger again makes the call from another number and this process goes on, after all how long can a human being keep rejecting the call, she gets fed up with this and the second option she chooses is that she goes for ‘Sim Change.’ But what happened to first Sim or number can also happen to the second number – in this way all these tricks and ideas are in vain and are absolutely flop.

But after analysing this global issue, I came to this conclusion and perfect idea after discussing it with other people, this is the perfect one available for all my sisters and I encourage Muslim brothers that they too should do the same like their sisters do :

Golden Rule:  “Never Pick Up any Call from any Number which is Out of Your Cell Contacts Directory”

Further, to maintain a perfect security system, you can download an App in Free (Call Blocker) from Android which will not allow any call from any number except the Numbers mentioned in your Cell Contacts Directory. In this way you can be a Pious Muslimah like Maryam (‘alayhis salaam) inshaa-allaah and also you will teach these men a lesson who try to find a time pass female of their character. May Allaah protect our sisters from every harm and haraam!

2 thoughts on “How to avoid Fake Calls? – For Sisters

  1. i recieved many calls and eemails from people i don’t know and i certainly won’t shut my mouth or change my sim card or my mail. most of the time, it was from stupid muslims that forgot that God is seeing what they’re doing. So i think ( and did) it is better to put them back in there places, because they will go unaware of them mistakes and keep doing them. Avoiding trouble makes ok but once they come to your way make them stop, or someone else will be tricked.

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